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„We use our name as a trademark
to signify a promise of quality."
Porträt Ralf Graf Lambsdorff


My name is Ralf Lambsdorff. I am the initiator, "spiritus rector", and the eponym of our group of independent management and human resources consultants.

No matter whether we describe our affiliation as a network of excellence, an alliance, a team, club, partnership or “compagnie”, this cooperative of management experts, bankers, consultants, lawyers and engineers embodies a dynamic network in which we have all invested our knowledge and skills, our personalities, our connections, and last but not least, our reputation to the advantage of everyone concerned. Our ability to pool an extraordinarily wide range of skills and expertise means that as business and human resources consultants we can respond flexibly and specifically to our customers’ most singular needs.

We cordially invite you to find out more about us, our values, objectives and modes of thinking, and also about our business model, on the following pages. Discover how vital it is to find the ideal partner or champion for your matter of concern in order to implement your strategies and plans effectively in the market. We would be delighted to represent your good name as it deserves, and to work with you to develop and implement successful solutions for you and your business.

Yours sincerely,
Signatur Ralf Lambsdorff
Ralf Graf Lambsdorff


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