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Restructuring Consulting

Considerable cost pressure, combined with a volatile trend of demand, forces many market participants – independent of their actual performance potential – to take profound measures to cope with existence-threatening imbalances. Here it is crucial to recognize the first signs of such a crisis in order to apply the corresponding countermeasures.

If a company already finds itself in an acute liquidity crisis, for example after a strategic or an earnings crisis, the “emergency brake” must be pulled, if necessary using external guidance. We have therefore focused ourselves on supporting our clients with a consulting approach, which concentrates in such crisis situations on the following key topics:

  • Measures to secure liquidity
  • Analysis and documentation of restructuring-worthiness or -capability
  • Short-term development of a restructuring concept, if required including a recovery expert assessment according to IDW S6
  • Preparation of an integrated plan of action
  • Monitoring the implementation – if necessary, in the course of an interim management mandate – including controlling, communication with the stakeholder and transparent documentation

We observe and analyse changes in personnel and management structures mostly associated with a company’s restructuring in order to establish a basis for implementing sustainable personnel and management concepts.



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