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Management Consulting
Performance Management

Performance Management

In our experience, performance management is the key to a sustainable increase of a company’s dynamic and profitability.

It is not merely a matter of financial figures but rather that the company is constantly aware of its performance ability and able to steer this flexibly and successfully in order to stand an increasingly intense competitive environment.

Our consulting approach for a successful performance management-process focuses on single areas of activity as well as on entire sections of the business. We support our clients in this process, especially in identifying the key performance drivers in order to influence these according to the corporates’ objectives. An integrated plan of action is orientated towards both the management and operational organisation as well as to the entire value chain.

The focus here is especially on:

  • the procurement management
  • the production process
  • the sales and after-sales organisation
  • the financing, liquidity and working-capital management and
  • the monitoring and controlling the cost position

As soon as the management scheme is determined, we accompany our clients with the ongoing content and organisation of the scheme, the internal communication and the implementation based on agreed targets.


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