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M&A Consulting
Purchase of Companies

M&A Consulting

Purchase of Companies

Meanwhile, the battle for market shares, a long developmental period for new products, exhausted economy potential, consolidating markets or the prospect of an above-average increase in the company’s value due to acceptance of private equity investors within the circle of shareholders, also all play a major role for German mid-sized companies. For both strategic and financial investors, it is an inducement to develop and transform a well elaborated acquisition strategy.

With this in mind, we as M&A consultants can fundamentally contribute to the process by working through the following topics with the client:

  • Determine the acquisition strategy and criteria
  • Identify and research potential suitable target companies
  • Deliver competent speeches in order to survey the opposition’s interest and general willingness to negotiate
  • Initial qualification of target companies based upon market value, products, management and finance
  • Investigate the target company’s special positions of interest and a possible negotiations strategy on the basis of accessible sources of information
  • Support, moderation and documentation during the whole negotiations through to completion of a contract

In addition we continuously advise a selection of middle-class oriented financial investors as well as private equity funds, which are searching for and looking to choose options to invest in medium-sized enterprises with the following features:

  • Healthy core business
  • Good to leading position on the relevant markets
  • Qualified management team
  • Annual turnover of 10 to 200 million Euro
  • Sustainable profitability and adequate operative cash-flow
  • Above-average expected turnover and yield for the future
  • Structurally solid and moderate growing branch with mid-sized structure
  • Potential for sustained growth which can be rapidly mobilized if fed with capital, contacts and know-how

Our clients are open to investments in most branches. Due to the financial capacity of their self-managed private equity, they make a substantial contribution to securing and strengthening their financial interests. They are prepared, even in troubled times, to lay the financial foundations in order to increase growth, improve the ability to compete or provide the enterpriser’s succession.


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