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M&A Consulting
Sale of Companies

M&A Consulting

Sale of Companies

The following points require careful consideration when selling companies or company shares:

Initially, a critical evaluation of the company’s development, the current situation, and the business’s prospects must take place. This is important because otherwise, it will not be possible to determine a range for the attainable sale price. In addition, it needs to be calculated which category of buyer will receive the highest added benefit – and therefore be willing to pay a high purchase price.

On this basis, we examine the following steps in cooperation with the client:

  • Research and contact potential investors on the basis of a so-called "blind profile"
  • Obtain information and determine concrete purchasing interest
  • Prepare a memorandum, bearing in mind the fundamental criteria from the potential buyers point of view
  • Issue an evaluation of the business
  • Prepare and initiate direct conversations with investors on the basis of corresponding confidentiality statements
  • Investigate, from the buyers side, the specific interests and potential negotiation strategy based on as many sources of information as possible
  • Obtain background information which may strengthen the negotiating position of the seller
  • Supervise, moderate and document negotiations throughout the period, up to the signing of the contract


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