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Recruiting Management and Executives

In order to successfully fulfill a client’s mandate regarding recruitment, we proceed as follows:

  1. Understanding of the company's situation. We are entrepeneurs and over the years, we have filled a considerable number of executive positions. Consequently we are professionally experienced to assess each company’s situation in detail enabling us to create an optimal profile for top-class personnel decisions.
  2. Definition of target companies. Vital to this is primarily scan the market and not the card index. As a rule, the files do not contain the ideal candidates or target companies. However, in order to ensure a high quality, there should be practically no limitations when defining the “hunting grounds”. Unlike large international human resource consultancies, we fulfill requirements because of our structure, our number of partners and our branch expertise. Needless to say, we also have customers who are “protected”, but this number is insignificant compared to the rest of the market that is available to us.
  3. Definition of other search fields. Along with defining target companies, we involve our top-class network of contacts in the research, as well as search fields such as the newsprint, media, and Internet. Often from this network we receive, besides targeted branch information, qualified leads to people in top positions who maybe approachable and open for contact.
  4. Research is a matter for the management. At this stage of the process, we have come to realize, top performers in secure senior level roles are only willing to be involved in a discussion regarding occupational change if they are convinced, as early as the initial contact by telephone, that the consultant is competent, serious and has an excellent reputation.
  5. Choosing the right person. Strictly speaking, the complexity of a person’s character cannot be described adequately in an abstract profile. Therefore, a catalogue of questions or characteristics which one checks off in an interview cannot be considered essential. Much more important is a consciously designed dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere, which results in obtaining as much relevant knowledge about the candidate as possible and determining if he or she can meet the client’s expectations. When getting to know the candidates, we are particularly keen to investigate and verify their professional track record and social tendencies. We are not so much interested in what candidates have done, but more for what they have achieved, how they conduct themselves, and whether they have development potential. Based on this, we come to our decision of which candidates to present, using our experience gained from other mandates and, if necessary, obtained references.
  6. The presentation. As a result, we present a manageable number of high-calibre candidates who we find to be suitable for the client’s company. Of course, we also assist our clients in shortening the list of candidates and with the final decision-making.


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