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Board Level Search: Search and placement of corporate boards, advisory boards, financial and audit experts.

Due to new regulatory requirements and progressive more precise laws the needs for competence, independence and structure of supervisory boards for market-listed companies have become considerably higher. Simultaneously the company has difficulty with the acquisition of qualified and more important independent ladies and gentlemen for their supervisory bodies, so that more and more, recruitment consultants need to be involved in this process.

In order to respond to this development we have recently expanded and strengthened our exclusive network of experienced individuals, who due to their competence and independence are available for posts as supervisors – or advisers – also with diverse points of view -. We bring our clients together with the individuals who are suitable and willing for the mandate as supervisors or advisers, especially before upcoming supervisor and adviser elections.

Should such a meeting not be possible, e.g. due to content-related or schedule reasons we, levelled on an exclusive mandate search, identify suitable candidates on the foundation of the job profile compiled by the Board of Directors, so as to win the “right” person for the position to be filled.


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