„Roads grow out of going them.“
[Franz Kafka]
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Stefan Krischik


Graf Lambsdorff & Compagnie
Unternehmensberater • Personalberater
Zollstrasse 3
D-87719 Mindelheim

Phone: +49 8261 731 786
Fax: +49 8261 731 831
Mobile: +49 174 323 9465
E-Mail: krischik@lambsdorff-cie.de
VAT-ID: DE 284 066 198

Business Segments
Management Consulting
Restructuring and Finance
Mergers and Acquisitions
Succession Planning, Coaching of Successor
Structuring and Implementation of Board
Non-Executive Director

International companies in various industries
with a focus on privately owned companies

Curriculum Vitae

Married, three children

Bank apprenticeship, Master in Business Administration, Certified Public Accountant (USA)

More than 25 years of experience in management and control of businesses. Started in a “Big Five” accounting firm. Then Senior Vice President and Managing Director in producing companies in the field of ceramics, textiles, electrical appliances, plant & machinery, and defense.

Latest positions held: Division MD/CFO, leading international plant & machine supplier (to automotive and process industries); Group MD/CFO, European market leader for highly protected wheeled and tracked vehicles

Partner of Graf Lambsdorff & Compagnie
Unternehmensberater • Personalberater

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