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Interim Management

Interim Management

Interim Managers are personalities which take over leadership- and/or project-responsibility for an agreed period. They are independent entrepreneurs and need to persuade their clients by professionalism and most of all by their personality. They are Interim Manager by passion.

Basically an Interim Manager has a huge time-pressure to accomplish his tasks. Hence, he must have the ability to analyze the situation of the company fast and appropriately, to set priorities, to motivate employees and to generate change readiness. Often it is necessary to resolve resistance and to put the necessary changes in place with the best possible team. To reach this he has a limited time-schedule available, because generally the most decisions need to be implemented in the first month of duty. Therefore, a high stress resistance, social competence and a disciplined self-management, combined with good communicative abilities are essential for a successful Interim Manager.

In addition, assertiveness and persuasive power are indispensable in order to implement uncomfortable decisions.

Also in Germany Interim Management becomes increasingly popular by supporting companies in important development phases. According to appropriate surveys the market of Interim Management shall continue to grow about 20% per year.

In this respect we maintain an updated database-supported network of nearly 500 executives and specialists from almost all industrial sectors, who are successful and sustained Interim Managers for the first, second and third management-level or in the project business. These Interim Managers were interviewed personally and show successful and impressive careers. They convince by their qualifications, skills and personality as well as by their ability to build up sustained confidence to management and employees of the client in order to implement necessary and often also unpopular tasks successfully.

In order to support our customers with professionals and leaders for a limited time – "interim" – we proceed as follows:

  1. Realize the Company Situation. In a personal discussion with our clients, we gather the profile of the company and its strategy, the description and objective of the assignment as well as the qualifications and personal requirements of a perfect candidate. Shortly we present a proposal which is the basis for the service contract to be concluded.
  2. Preselection and Presentation of the Interim Manager. Out of a potential of approximately 500 personally interviewed and approved Interim Managers we select a small quantity of personalities in order to discuss the task and the basic conditions. After clarification of availability, suitability and "inclination" we present those to our customers.
  3. Service Contract. Once the Interim Manger is selected by the client, a suitable service contract is concluded. This regulates all necessary conditions concerning time, availability, course of the project, fees, business expenses, etc.
  4. Support. During the complete term of the project – generally 6 to 12 months – we are available as a co-ordinator and coach for our clients as well as the Interim Manager. On request, the project is reviewed and specifications, changes and amendments are discussed and agreed when indicated.
  5. Validation. At the end of the project we analyze and review the collaboration as well as the delivered engagement. Afterwards we bill the final account according to the agreed conditions.

Our activities as a management and human resource consultant enable us to maintain a vivid network of mature leaders and experts to present suitable candidates for nearly any project. We are in a position to address companies from small business and large-scale industry, which have special requirements regarding market-, product-competence or professionalism of Interim Managers.

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